Financial Audit

Our financial audit services ensure accuracy, compliance, and transparency. We conduct annual audits, special purpose audits, and provide comprehensive compliance services, all designed to empower your financial decisions.

Al-Shayeb Corporation has an audit approach, common documentation and state-of-the-art technology that enable us to:

 Efficiently plan and perform risk-based audits that provide an appropriate basis for the expression of an opinion on clients’ financial statements,

  • Determine our clients’ needs, expectations and professional service requirements and prepare and execute an appropriate client service plan.
  • Provide our clients with meaningful business advice and insights on the condition of their businesses.


Tax & Legal Consulting

Navigating complex tax landscapes is our forte. We offer international corporate and personal tax consulting, alongside expert advice on corporate restructuring and VAT. Our insights pave the way for optimized tax strategies and VAT Planing

We developed a considerable experience in forming corporations, preparing general partnership agreements and limited partnership agreements, creating joint ventures, effecting mergers or consolidations of business entities and handling the usual business transactions that arise in the normal course of business. We tendered legal advice to local and international businesses and Non-Governmental Organizations in Palestine, and well acquainted with the local and international comparative legal and judicial system.

Corporate & Management Consulting

  • Bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing.
  • Financial due diligence.
  • Business valuation, Forecasting and projection, Financial Analysis.
  • Merger and acquisition support.
  • Administrative and financial systems development, Internal controls design and assessment and Procurement manuals.
  • Feasibility studies, Business plans.
  • Capacity building and In-house training.

We understand that every business is unique, and our tailored solutions ensure your success. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, we stand ready to meet your financial and business challenges head-on.


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